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Condo floor plans are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to construct a new home in Southern California. With a variety of different floor plans and sizes to choose from, there is definitely a Condo for every budget and lifestyle. The Biltmore Estate is a famed 18-acre tract of Southern California real estate consisting of two separate residential buildings: The original Biltmore Estate and the Biltmore Casino. Located in San Diego's posh Pacific Beach neighborhood, the Biltmore Estate has been featured on numerous television shows, including Law and Order and has been voted one of the best luxury real estate developments in America by Real Estate Magazine. Read more here.

Located directly on the beach at the foot of the Balboa Tower, the Biltmore Estate promises an ultimate luxurious residence for any individual or family. The two buildings feature the most lavish floor plans and architecture available. The Biltmore Estate offers an exquisite ocean view and includes two skyboxes featuring unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. To complement these breathtaking views, both the Biltmore Estate and the Biltmore Casino feature award winning views of the downtown skyline as well as spectacular views of the San Diego Bay. Both Biltmore Residential Properties includes stunning ocean views and is conveniently located near popular locations such as Ocean Park, Gas Lamp District and Point Loma.

If you are looking for luxury with unparalleled views, then the coveted Biltmore Residential Properties in San Diego is ideal for your dream vacation home. Offering two bedroom condos and spacious single level units, each unit is designed to be a one of a kind, with unrivaled views and amenities. Each Biltmore apartment features an exquisite view of the Pacific Ocean and includes two swimming pools for your enjoyment or to entertain guests.

With exquisite views of the city and scenic mountain tops, you will feel like you are living in a paradise. Located on Del Mar Racquet Court just minutes from the beach, the Biltmore Villas offer luxurious accommodations for all budgets. With deluxe kitchens, fully equipped with modern bathrooms, fully appointed guest rooms and an inviting floor plan, you will find these Biltmore Villas is perfect for your family as well as your guests. The luxurious two bedroom units include queen beds, fully appointed master bedrooms and feature hardwood floors throughout. Each luxury 2-bedroom condo offers spacious living areas, lush green trees, and stunning ocean views.

Located on the West Coast, guests can enjoy the beautiful San Diego fjords with luxury ocean views from their luxurious San Diego cliffside units. The spacious luxury loft-style units offer spacious rooms with hardwood floors and have two bedroom units with vaulted ceilings and wall-to-wall glass walls. Each unit has its own parking area with a luxury concierge service so you will never be without company. These units are perfect for families with children or seniors.

You can find luxury condos in California, Colorado, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York. They are a great investment, whether you are planning to move in for a year or retire for a few decades. A luxury condo is a great option for growing families and for those who do not want to miss out on the action of the big city. They are also a great option for investors who want to experience living in a luxury residence at a low investment. It is easy to see why these units are becoming such a popular choice with young couples and retirees alike. Check out for luxury condos Bradenton here.

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